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Welcome to Sierra Ketamine Clinics

Sierra Ketamine Clinics (SKC) is excited to bring the benefits of Ketamine infusion therapy to the Truckee Meadow’s first and only Ketamine infusion center. At SKC, we first determine your likelihood to respond to an infusion through a comprehensive consultation, and proceed to treatment should there be no contra-indications to therapy, with a full understanding of our low dose infusion goals.

We are an “adjunctive treatment clinic”, and recognize that you have a very important relationship with your doctor we wish to enhance. Your physician will be provided with ongoing information about your therapy should you choose to share this information. We are very sensitive to the importance of patient privacy.

At SKC, we treat a variety of conditions including chronic pain, major depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Bipolar Illness, OCD and Substance Use Disorder. We recognize these conditions often coexist, with considerable symptom overlap.

We understand your desire to be fully informed in a shared decision-making model, and we will work closely with your primary physician to optimize your treatment. If you do not have a primary care physician, our goal is to provide you with excellent options for ongoing medical and psychiatric care.

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