Welcome To Your New Life


SKC seeks to unburden patients with significant physical and mental suffering using ketamine in strategic doses. We help our patients emerge with a renewed life spirit.


SKC brings the caring and compassionate transformations of ketamine therapy to you with the region's only specialized clinic. The future of healing and hope is now.


SKC believes in helping those with physical and mental suffering, giving them the opportunity to achieve a life filled with joyful days.

Dr. Robert Watson decided that he could no longer ignore the profound transformational benefits of low dose ketamine infusion therapy. Patients who have lost hope and thought they would remain in the grips of chronic pain and mental illness for the rest of their lives have emerged across the country with renewed spirit and joy, transformed by this professionally administered therapy.

The birth of Sierra Ketamine Clinics is the result of our treatment team listening to the pleadings of our greater Northern Nevada community to make this transformational therapy available for those suffering and in desperate need.

The SKC Team truly understands your daily battles with the oppressive symptoms of chronic pain and disorders of the mind. We are the helping hand in your well-deserved climb out of the darkness, and into the light.

We look forward to welcoming you to your new life.


Our team understands that those suffering most may not have the financial means to fully participate in our treatment program. We offer a substantial discount to Veterans and first responders who have suffered the effects of deployment and a subsequent struggle back home. Additionally, we offer this same discount to civilians with significant hardship and need. We hope to expand this currently limited program over time.


Dr. Robert Watson

Dr Robert (Bob) Watson began his training in electronics engineering at the University of Nevada before changing course to pursue his greater interest in medicine. He attended the University of Nevada School of Medicine and completed his surgical training at the Lehigh Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania. before happily returning to Reno, Nevada. Dr. Watson is a board-certified surgeon who spent several years doing critical care medicine, trauma care. In addition to surgery and his intense focus on the science of Ketamine therapy, he enjoys a time-generous, functional medicine approach to his patient's care. Rather than treating each patient’s conditions alone, he prides himself on treating patients as the whole people they are with a goal of providing comfort and relief, both physical and mental.

When Dr. Watson is not working he and his wife enjoy the outdoors in the forms of hiking, bicycling, and the unfamiliar sport of canyoneering. His great interest in photography is reflected on the walls of Sierra Ketamine Clinics.