Innovative New Treatment for Bipolar Illness in Reno

Searching for treatment options for Bipolar illness in Reno? In choosing this link, you or your loved one may have a Bipolar Mood Disorder, with or without substance abuse disorder. Here at SKC, we truly understand your suffering, and our mission is to help you emerge from the grasp of your illness.

Previous known as Manic Depression, this illness affects almost 6 million US teens and adults, and can often lead to self-harm if not addressed. Even in expert hands, this disorder can be very difficult to treat, and substance abuse is often a cofactor, making treatment even more challenging. Suicide risk is high in those with uncontrolled symptoms.

Ketamine and its metabolites have been shown to have unique and diverse effects, binding to multiple receptors in the central nervous system, inhibiting some and activating others. This often provides relief within an hour after an infusion. Symptom control is often sustained for many weeks following an SKC Induction Series to initially “knock down” bipolar symptoms by modifying both excitatory and inhibitory neural pathways.

As many as 70-75% of patients will have a substantial improvement in their bipolar symptoms. If you also have Substance Abuse Disorder, your condition is very likely to improve as well. We work closely will all referring physicians to facilitate communication with the goal of SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCING YOUR SYMPTOMS, and transitioning you to SKC Maintenance Therapy for sustained relief.

Following the completion of an SKC Induction Series (link), the SKC patient then engages in ongoing SKC Maintenance Therapy at a custom frequency that provides the level of relief to optimize daily function in one’s life. Many choose the SKC Wellness Plan to enhance and sustain their pain reduction in a more detailed and custom-tailored manner, while lowering cost per treatment.

If Bipolar Disorder is wreaking havoc on your life, please take the next step towards the new and pain-controlled life you deserve by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Watson to determine if you are a candidate. We will work in concert with your regular physician, should you have one, to ensure you have the best chance of success with Ketamine therapy.

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