Our Patients Love Us

Ever since I was 12 I've been to every kinda mental health doctor there was and I was constantly being put on different meds to help " manage" the symptoms I was having without any concern for my over all well being. It was either " try this" or " take that" and come back in 6 weeks and we will see if it worked and just try to survive till the next appointment. When nothing was working for me. I was constantly depressed and could barely get through a day of school without thoughts of hurt myself. I had given up. But finally I found this place and it made everything so much better. It helped with my depression and my PTSD. This place is so much different than regular doctor offices. Everyone there wants to help and they really care. If I never found this place I would of never made it. They saved my life.

Morgan M



Dear Dr. Watson,
I wanted to let you know that both my son and I are doing well after infusions.
I put a lot of effort into my diet, I do pretty good most of the time. 100 times better than before you inspired me to start the Wahl Diet! I even feel well enough that I have started to work out again. I used to be a workout junkie, I want to get back to that place. If I maintain my diet, I know that I can.
I noticed a significant change in my son after the infusions. He became much more motivated and engaged with life. He got a great job at and is learning job skills that will allow him to actually have a career, as opposed to just a job. I get up at 5am to go to work, and sometimes he has already left the house to go to work - it's incredible! This is a boy who used to sleep in every day til 2pm.
Thank you so much for the difference you have made for my son and I. This was the first Christmas in 5 years that I had my boy back, happy and healthy:)




Dr. Frey and Dr. Watson are modern day crusaders in their approach to traditionally "challenging" health issues. You and your family are warmly invited to meet with both Doctors who will thoughtfully and reassuringly answer the many questions you may have. Their number one objective is to help you obtain a better quality of life. Their unique, highly regulated and well-studied therapy allows for multiple infusion levels and times, based on what your body requires/accepts. One or both Doctors are always present at the Clinic while you are there and they often swing by to share a warm hello and ensure you are comfortable. In addition, the nurses are absolutely incredible, they are gentle, kind, considerate and warm. From the time you arrive until the moment you leave, you can't help but feel that you have gained a small family that truly cares about you, your success in this program and in life. Erin is quite gentle and effective, she is always smiling, and makes the most sensational pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting (I digress). As a person that has spent over 15 years back and forth to Mayo Clinic, living a life driven by an adult-onset chronic GI condition, this trial is bringing me new hope. I'm seeing changes that I quite honestly, didn't think were possible.

Christina Stoever Young



Some of the best results I have had so far after my accident. Nice, quiet, relaxing office and extremely pleasant staff while you are getting your infusion. I can not thank Dr. Frey enough for reaching out to me and detailing the infusion process and going step by step on what to expect. Would highly recommend this treatment for anyone who is not finding the relief they need from their pain with just pills or other treatments.

Jorden Beck



The team at Sierra Ketamine Clinics in Reno was absolutely fantastic, making the experience extremely pleasant.The consultation prior to the infusion period was very informative and answered all our questions We are seeing amazing results. Highly recommend!

Kent Young



The clinic's staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Everyone makes you feel comfortable and at ease for this cutting edge procedure.

Rachel Douglas



"Ketamine infusions have changed my life" I have been addicted to methamphetamines for over 30 years. At recent I was not able to go more than a week without relapsing. I had become hopeless. I had been to rehab in prior years. Have attended narcotics anonymous meetings and seen many therapists due to severe depression anxiety attributed from post traumatic stress.

The day I was to start my 1st infusion I was completely debilitated. I could not get out of bed without effort. Could not concentrate or do simple daily tasks. The day after my 1st infusion I felt a 30% improvement. I woke up refreshed, energetic, focused and optimistic for my future. Today, after completing my infusions I have my life back. My depression and anxiety has diminished. Mostly, I have not experienced and euphoric recall of my last drug experience. This has never been achieved with any prior medication.

I will continue to maintain my oral treatments and see a physiologist to ensure my continued success.

I want to send a warm and grateful thank you to Dr. Bob Watson and his loving team for giving me back my life.

Jonathan M