• Provide your contact information via our secure website utilizing the “Contact” heading.
  • Review the Pretreatment Report & Education Program (SKC PREP) page on our website.
  • Make an appointment for a 30-minute consultation with an SKC physician.
  • Please remember to bring the SKC HIPAA Release, SKC Patient History Forms, as well as condition matched Screening Tool Questionnaires with you to your consultation for physician review.
  • Our wellness team, led by our board-certified physicians, will work with your current medical provider to develop a Ketamine infusion therapeutic process that is tailored for your condition.
  • Four mutually convenient 40-minute appointment times will be scheduled by our office staff, which typically take place twice a week (Mon/Thurs) for two weeks.

Infusion Day:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time, with a friend or family member (they will need to drive you home after your infusion as you will not be allowed to operate motor vehicles or machinery until the next day).
  • You can anticipate pre-infusion preparation with reviewing and signing consent forms, ID verification (please bring photo ID), Vital Signs, a visit from one of our providers, and a small IV placement.
  • Infusions usually last 40 minutes (they can be extended for chronic pain disorders). Majority of individuals describe the Ketamine infusion as a pleasant and relaxing experience. Be at ease, you will be in a safe environment with a doctor and nurse monitoring your care and responding to any needs you may have (some rare side-effects can include nausea, dizziness, or an increase in blood pressure or heart rate– which all resolve with time/ treatment with medications).


  • After your infusion and recovery period, your friend or family member will need to drive you home. You should not drive or operate heavy machinery until the next day.
  • Following your induction series, you will be asked to complete the Screening Tool Questionnaires again. Our wellness team will contact your medical provider with your progress and continue to work together, developing your infusion plan of maintenance “booster” inductions to maximize the success of your treatment.

Follow-Up Treatment:

  • The duration of the positive effects of Ketamine Infusion therapy can significantly differ from patient to patient (4-8 weeks, 3-6 months). Because of this, we offer single maintenance infusions upon request – if our wellness team in able to keep in contact with your current medical provider. Typically, patients are brought back or scheduled for a follow up visit approximately two weeks after their last infusion.



Note: Although supported by scientific studies and literature, Ketamine infusion therapy for pain and psychiatric disorders remains non-FDA approved, and “off-label”. The use of Ketamine in its “off-label” state is common, and while most patients respond positively to the therapy, approximately 25% do not. Decisions to elect treatment are personal and one must weigh the benefits, costs, and risk associated with the therapy.

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